Malala Yousafzai: Be brave, speak up and change your power

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Malala Yousafzai was born into a poor family in Pakistan, but her father placed great importance on education and encouraged her and her siblings to study. From a young age, she was very passionate about learning, loved reading, and cared deeply about her own and other girls’ right to education.

However, when she was a teenager, her country was threatened by extremism, and many schools were forced to close, with girls’ rights to education greatly at risk. Realizing that she needed to speak up for girls’ rights, she began speaking on the local radio, urging the government to protect girls’ right to education.

Due to her actions and speaking out, she began to attract the attention and intimidation of the Taliban, but she was not intimidated by the threats and instead became even more determined to continue her actions. However, in 2012, as she was sitting on a school bus returning home, she was shot by Taliban members. She was sent to the UK for treatment, and fortunately, she survived.

After recovering, she did not stop and instead became even more actively involved in social activities, speaking out for women’s education and children’s rights. She wrote a memoir called ‘I Am Malala’ to convey her voice and beliefs to the world. The book described her life under Taliban rule, as well as her recovery after being shot, and her determination to return to the field of education. The book received widespread attention and praise, becoming an international bestseller.

Her voice and actions have inspired people around the world, especially those who care about education and human rights issues. She often appears at international forums, speaking out for education and women’s rights, and provides educational assistance and resources to many developing countries through her foundation. In 2014, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, becoming its youngest-ever recipient.

Malala’s story is not only a story about a brave girl but also one about someone who strongly cares about education and social issues. Her actions have inspired many other young people and women around the world, giving them the confidence to speak up and pursue their rights and dreams.

Today, she still devotes herself to her cause, continuously promoting progress in education and women’s rights. Her story is a lasting inspiration, telling us that courage and strong beliefs can overcome fear and adversity, and promote social progress and happiness.