Lesein Mathenge Mutunkei : Promoter of football environmental protection

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Lesein Mathenge Mutunkei is a young Kenyan who is known for his success in the field of environmental conservation. Born into a rural family in Kenya, he witnessed the environmental issues in his hometown from a young age, particularly water scarcity and land degradation. This inspired him to become an environmentalist.

As a young person, he began collaborating with the local community to promote water resource management and land conservation projects. He organized tree-planting activities with farming communities to prevent soil erosion and increase water sources. He also provided environmental education, teaching farmers sustainable agricultural and land management practices to improve their livelihoods and protect ecosystems. His efforts quickly gained recognition and support.

His leadership skills and environmental achievements caught the attention of the international community. He was appointed as a Youth Environmental Ambassador by the Kenyan National Environmental Protection Agency and frequently represented Kenya in international environmental conferences and events.

Mutunkei’s goal is to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable development practices. He is dedicated to protecting Kenya’s forests, water resources and wildlife while providing opportunities for environmental education and community engagement.

Furthermore, let me introduce the Trees4Goals movement that he initiated in Kenya. Being a football player himself since 2018, for every goal he scores, he plants a tree. He has also invited his teammates to do the same. Lesein is an excellent footballer, and he has already planted over 200 trees. He says, “I don’t just plant the trees, I also track and take care of the trees I plant to ensure that they grow well, and they are not just planted for the sake of it.”

His success and unwavering belief have made him an inspiration for the younger generation. Through his efforts and dedication, he has demonstrated the power and influence of young people in the field of environmental protection. His story motivates more individuals to get involved in environmental conservation and work together to protect the Earth and build a sustainable future.